will address multiple areas in an effort to seamlessly “paint” a complete picture of the world of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. These areas will be interwoven throughout the film and include issues such as identifying the problem, discussing the physiology, understanding the effects, getting to know the people, and clarifying the hope.

The central focus will be on the individuals affected by this disability.

The topics addressed will include abstinence during pregnancy, the need for greater public awareness, early intervention, the life of the caregiver, the positive effects of various forms of therapy and hope for the future, as well as history, diagnosis, neuro-behavioral toxicology and behavioral, cognitive, and academic characteristics.

The message will be delivered through FAS individuals, their parents and caregivers as well as through leading authorities in the field of prenatal alcohol exposure (medical, educational, counseling and social work).

The visual style of the film will be cinematic and will not look or feel like a television newsmagazine. It will carry a heightened sense of design and intrigue about this disability and how it affects individuals, families, communities, and society.

Answers to basic questions will be addressed throughout the film. Questions like:

Is there really no cure? How can just a few glasses of wine cause this type of birth defect? Why doesn’t everyone know about this disability like they know about Attention Deficit Disorder? How does it manifest itself in the life of an individual? How do affected individuals fit in socially with their “normal” peers? What about school? Where do parents turn for help?

There is hope…and potential. Although the damaging effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome are permanent, there is increasing research and clinical support that, with proper medical diagnosis, clinical intervention, and an understanding and acceptance by society as a whole, individuals with FAS can live healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives.