My name is Craig Mungons. I am the adoptive father of two teenage sisters who were prenatally exposed to alcohol and now bear the burden of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome every day. I am also a media content producer with extensive film production experience in advertising and related fields.

I'm seeking funding for  ,
a compelling one-hour documentary film dedicated to increasing public and professional awareness of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and its effect on individuals, families, our economy and society. I believe that an artistically designed documentary film about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a very viable consideration to speak to the heart and soul of this rampant, hidden disability and help affected individuals "find voice" in our society. This film is based on a treatment I conceived and wrote with the input of a successful documentary film director.

  will examine three separate narratives. The stories of the main characters are established through video diary entries and "scrapbook" images from their past. Although similar in situation, the arc of each story is different as we explore the impact of various non-invasive therapies on these people's lives. Guided by the voiceovers of the main characters, the stories provide a front-row perspective of a world marked by frustration, fear, misunderstanding and, ultimately, a brighter future. It's a narrative that pulls no punches, and takes viewers into the fabric of the real lives beyond the statistics.

Through the use of these dramatic narratives and interviews with professionals, parents, and caregivers of those with FAS, we can demystify this malady. The film will ultimately write itself; the real story and style will take shape once the research begins to reveal specific personalities and areas of interest. The character narratives are included in the written Documentary Film Proposal. Script development will begin once funding has been secured.

My hope is that will help turn the tide in our nation regarding education about, understanding of, and concern for, individuals and families affected by FAS and will help implement innovative ideas to aid in the prevention and intervention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It is intended for viewing by the general public as well as medical, educational, counseling, and social work professionals. This documentary film will be formatted for airing on national broadcast and cable television as well as be made available for other venues and distribution including shorter length presentations for various medical, educational and counseling organizations and fundraising events.

My partner in this project is NOFAS (National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), a non-profit organization committed to raising public and professional awareness of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. NOFAS has been a strong advocate in implementing innovative ideas in the prevention, education and intervention of FAS. Their continuous commitment and leadership in the fight to prevent alcohol-related birth defects is exemplary. Funding will be received and dispersed by NOFAS, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. More information about FAS and NOFAS can be found at

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about funding for this documentary film that would help provide much needed exposure to the world of alcohol-related birth defects. Please contact Tom Donaldson at NOFAS for more information.

The current budget for this project is $860,000. The cost includes shooting (crew, equipment, materials, etc.), director and production fees, editing, visual effects, graphics, titles, music, sound design, voice-over recording, audio mixing, travel, packaging, and duplication of a nominal number of DVD copies. This budget and creative execution can be scaled back to accommodate lesser funding and still achieve successful audience impact.

A complete Documentary Film Proposal including character narratives, budget breakdown and other information is available upon request to potential funding partners. Please see Contact page for details.

 is registered with the Writer's Guild of America (WGA Registration # 1142059).